Alejandro Garnacho’s agent explains beef with Pedri after imitating celebration

Manchester United winger Alejandro Garnacho certainly is not afraid to show his personality on the pitch, and when he and the Red Devils clashed with Barcelona earlier in the season, he did not make many friends. However his agent Quique de Lucas claims he was misinterpreted.

Garnacho appeared to mimic Pedri’s celebration during the tie, putting his hands to his eyes in the shape of binoculars. Many took it as mockery of Pedri and Barcelona, which then went into to overdrive after Garnacho posted on Instagram after the game, a picture of him doing just that with the caption ‘The big team goes through’.

Speaking to Relevo, Garnacho’s agent Quique de Lucas has explained that he was not trying to mock Pedri with his celebration.

“We both laughed a lot about this because at that game there were about thirty of his friends from Madrid in the stands. We were all placed in one area. So all his friends were saying. ‘You’re watching us.’ And he pretended to see us. Which is the same gesture that Pedri made, I don’t know when, right? It snowballed… He took in part as saying: ‘people want to make controversy where there is none at all.’ Now sometimes they send me photos laughing, in that sense, at him when Sevilla eliminated them and so on.”

“And he, is what I was telling you, is capable of abstracting himself and giving a funny angle to a situation that people wanted to interpret from a partisan point of view, because those of us who really know where we were and others laughed a little. And, apart from that, it was an important game because a big team that came from the Champions League was eliminated… It wasn’t an easy tie, therefore, the prize was there.”

On the Instagram post that followed, de Lucas said this time Garnacho was looking to make fun of the situation.

“Remember that he puts it up after all of this [controversy] has been generated. Of course, he says: ‘Oh, yes? Well, we’re all going there, we’re all going to laugh there, and now if you want to mess with me, you’re going to mess with me for good reason.’ In other words, the entire post is came from everything that was discussed, everything that was said, even a Barcelona player sent him a message saying: ‘What are you up to?’

“Also, the competition aspect is there, from the young guys who are in the moment, who are fighting to be the greatest every day, and that seems good to me. As long as he’s healthy, well, hey, let’s move forward.”

It certainly did gain plenty of traction online, with even Cadiz’s club Tiktok reminding Garnacho that the Yellow Submarine beat Manchester United in a friendly in December.

Certainly Garnacho looks as if he isn’t afraid of causing a stir on or off the pitch. And as de Lucas mentions, while the competition remains healthy, most fans are content with a little edge to games.

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