Osasuna Chief Francisco Canal – “What we have done differently is learn from our mistakes”

Osasuna are just hours away from one, if not them, biggest game in their history. Los Rojillo are seeking their first ever Copa del Rey final title against Real Madrid, and have taken 25,000 fans to Seville to witness what they hope is the coronation of their side as Cup winners. Speaking to Football España, General Director Francisco Canal has explained one of the key elements in getting them there.

The side from Pamplona have been on a remarkable rise in recent years, facing relegation to the third division and potential liquidation, to stability in La Liga and the Copa final. Asked what makes Osasuna different from other fallen giants, Canal explained that it had been a learning process.

“I think what we have done differently to the rest, is that we have learned from our mistakes.”

“I think there is something that is fundamental, we above all, not even the year when we went up winning the league with Jagoba Arrasate, which we won with 4-5 rounds to go, the reality is that team was a celebration that year, because we clearly did things well. We were a year without losing here at home, but we continued to be a humble team.”

It’s something that Canal placed particular emphasis on. Osasuna are known for being one of the hardest-working sides in La Liga, backed by a raucous home support.

“Even if the team was doing things well, even if the four years that we have been in the first division, we have known how to be a hard team, a solid team, a team that even if you beat them are difficult, a team that takes points almost as much away from home as at home, a team that has sporting prestige.”

“But we have never lost our roots. A few weeks ago, we were getting close to Europe, but we continued thinking that the most important thing was that we kept going in order to avoid relegation. For us it’s very important, having a story is important, but if you don’t work in the day-to-day, the story will not give you back the sporting reputation.”

Sporting Director Braulio Vazquez, who has been with the side for the last five years has explained that this is the consolidation of that project, while in Pamplona it has been posited as ‘the final’ compared to ‘a final’ for Real Madrid. While Los Rojillo are on the verge of history, there is a sense around the club that it has already been made too.

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