UEFA open investigation into Barcelona off the back of El Caso Negreira

Barcelona are set to face a third investigation running parallel to their own over payments made to the former Vice-President of the Referees Committee Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. UEFA have announced that they too want to do their due diligence on the matter.

Already the tax office in Spain have been investigating Negreira himself over missed tax, while the Anti-Corruption Department have launched an investigation on the basis of ‘continuous corruption’ too. UEFA now say they will open their own investigation.

“Ethics and disciplinary inspectors have been appointed to conduct an investigation regarding a potential violation of Uefa’s legal framework by FC Barcelona in connection with the so-called ‘Caso Negreira‘”, a statement read (via The BBC).

Barcelona are unlikely to face domestic punishment in a sporting sense, with the investigation time-barred, however no such restrictions apply to UEFA. It could potentially lead to Barcelona being expelled from European competition should they be found in breach of their regulations.

La Liga President Javier Tebas wrote to UEFA in order to bring the matter to their attention, given his inability to launch his own investigation. Barcelona maintain their innocence in the matter, and have promised a press conference explaining the payments. They are currently running their own investigation into the matter.

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  1. Excellent.

    If Spanish prosecutor doesnt see a case despite 7 millions exchanging hands and several published statements where Negreira implied working in advantage for his “employer” if money kept flowing, maybe its time to deduce that he is blind and give an (impartial) prosecutor the case. BribELona brings tax money to Spain, to say that there are conflict of interests is an understatement.

    Also, let presidents and Negreiera testify under oath. That will grease the wheels of justice, so to speak.

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