UEFA “considering Champions League exclusion for Barcelona” over Caso Negreira

Having been charged by the Prosecutor’s Office over Caso Negreira, Barcelona could be punished in the near future over the matter, albeit the penalty would likely be an economic one.

Domestic sporting sanctions are off the table, as confirmed by La Liga President Javier Tebas, as the statute of limitations has expired. As per Spanish Law, a penalty can only be applied, in this situation, within three years.

However, Barcelona could be penalised on a continental basis, providing that they are found guilty. El Confidencial (via Sport) have reported that UEFA are considering excluding Barcelona from European competition over Caso Negreira.

It is alleged that UEFA have requested more information from the RFEF about the situation, and they could decide to take action accordingly.

However, Barcelona could be in the clear, as they have maintained throughout the process, as there is reportedly no evidence to suggest that they bought referees during Caso Negreira.

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  1. A fitting pushinment for a criminal cartel.
    All we need is a prosecutor with integrity who dare to go against big money institute and supports justice to sit the three clown bribELona presidents along Negreira and case will be closed.

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