Real Madrid want referee vetoed from their games as conflict with RFEF grows

Relations between Real Madrid and the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) continue to become increasingly frosty, as Los Blancos go on the offensive over what they feel is unfair refereeing.

According to Marca, Real Madrid have completely lost all faith in the justice of the refereeing system, and in particular VAR, following their disallowed goal in El Clasico on Sunday – despite the fact the decision was correct.

They are willing to use ‘all of the weapons’ at their disposal to force a change within the refereeing system. The club channel Real Madrid TV have already issued several slam pieces on referees in recent weeks, including on Carlos Clos Gomez, who is in charge of VAR in Spain. The report from the Madrid daily, which has strong connections within the club, say that they do not want Clos Gomez to have any kind of decision-making powers around their games.

The RFEF have no intention of bending to Real Madrid’s will, although they have conceded that next season semi-automatic offside calls will be implemented, mimicking the system used at the World Cup in Qatar.

Short of relpacing all of the referees that Real Madrid feel are mistreating them, it is difficult to see what they want from the RFEF. That might please Real Madrid, but would raise further questions about the influence of Real Madrid from other clubs, who will not understand why Los Blancos’ opinion weighs heavier. While their discontent over El Caso Negreira is understandable, the current ire is hard to explain given their chief outrage in El Clasico was a correct decison.


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  1. “given their chief outrage in El Clasico was a correct decison.”
    Not really chief, the wrong frame was shown, not the one where he was onside, one microsecond earlier – where ball was struck. Try to keep up.

    As per ESPN

    • Real Madrid have had a league-high 15 VAR decisions and eight goals overturned this season. The next closest teams in LaLiga by goals overturned are Atletico Madrid and Valencia with three goals overruled each.

    • Furthermore, Real Madrid’s eight goals overturned by VAR this season are the most in Europe’s top five leagues. AC Milan are second with six goals overturned

    This needs to be repeated every day.

  2. I always believed if anyone gets away with Decisions it is Los Blancos now they crying how many titles have they won with questionable decision making

    1. Plenty of questionable decisionmaking in bribELona history, not least ovrebo and aytekin.
      Sure, lets give them the benefit of doubt, for the sake of argumentation. That might be accredited to incompetence.

      But now we have money changing hands, with receipts – and statements as how vice president of ref organ can “help bribELona with league” It becomes a different thing.

  3. Is getting out of hand with VARcelona and bribelona team they called their selves. If ref want us to leave the league for them they should let us know instead of favouring them in all matches and because of this i decide not to watch Madrid match against the referee team.
    So annoying pls *

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