La Liga President Javier Tebas criticises Real Madrid referees campaign

La Liga President Javier Tebas has called on Real Madrid to ease off their smear campaign against Spanish referees. Los Blancos’ official media channels have been highly critical of late, and Tebas feels that there could be room for some sort of punishment.

Tebas himself has been outspoken on El Caso Negreira, claiming that Barcelona President Joan Laporta should resign if he cannot explain the payments to Dasnil 95 and Nilsad, companies in the former Referees Committee Vice-President’s name.

Yet that case and the current refereeing decisions are two different things, and Real Madrid TV have released several slam pieces presenting particular referees as against Los Blancos and in favour of Barcelona. Meanwhile recent reports claim that they are intent on forcing a change in the referees committee.

Speaking at the ISDE Sport Convention 2023, Tebas told MD that those slam pieces were over the top and worthy of punishment.

“It seems pretty bad and exaggerated to me. It is damaging the reputation of Barcelona and the competition. The regulations of the Spanish Federation could intervene. Constantly adding fuel to the fire against the referees must have some repercussions.”

Origninally a report about Carlos Clos Gomez, current head of VAR in Spain emerged. After another former referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez criticised that, he himself received a video cut of his perceived bias against Los Blancos. After Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea correctly disallowed Marco Asensio’s goal last Sunday in El Clasico, he also received the smear treatment.

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  1. “After Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea correctly disallowed Marco Asensio’s goal last Sunday in El Clasico, he also received the smear treatment.”

    Not really chief, the wrong frame was shown, not the one where he was onside, one microsecond earlier – where ball was struck. Try to keep up.

    As per ESPN

    • Real Madrid have had a league-high 15 VAR decisions and eight goals overturned this season. The next closest teams in LaLiga by goals overturned are Atletico Madrid and Valencia with three goals overruled each.

    • Furthermore, Real Madrid’s eight goals overturned by VAR this season are the most in Europe’s top five leagues. AC Milan are second with six goals overturned

    This needs to be repeated every day.

  2. Funny that when one of FAIL Madrids own players dani carvajal came out and contradicted his own manager carlo Ancelotti and admitted that asensio goal was correctly ruled offside by var,maybe dani is a secret bribELona,barcELona in disguise lol.

    1. Deb, looking at bribELonas failures last 4 seasons its bit rich when a bribELona fan uses word fail lol.
      Why use 10 sockpuppet accounts? Are you ok?

    2. Common man why are you lying which sport News blogger posted that Carvajal admit that the goal was correctly rule out for offside but you failed to admit that the referee favour your team

  3. The last time I checked, Tebas was a Madrid fan…a big time Madrid fan. Maybe he just became a Barcelona fan today 🤔
    And that’s Sam, not Deb…Are you sure you not brain dead 🤣

    1. Its common for autlsts to be unable perceive things in more than one dimensionally, so Im not surprised that you are unable to see why a businessman as Tebas is looking after his cash cow.

      Also believe it or not, your posts radiate stupidity, it’s very easy to distinguish you.

      You really need to get a job.

  4. Forget the offside goal, but what about the two Sergio Roberto fouls that should have been yellow cards and the second a red, lewandowski also should of had one yellow, and Gavi’s foul on Ceballos should have been an automatic red. It wasn’t even reviewed! As for Madrid complaining I think it’s legitimate, it’s okay for Messi to complain in the World Cup and have a referee fired, but a team can’t make a legitimate complain for the league to crack down on pay offs.

    1. Messi daint pay rent in you mind. 😂😂😂 HOW IS THIS ABOUT HIM. this is @LaLiga. You want to tell me. The only way you could win was if barca was a man down😂. Madrid was dominated on all corneer in that game. The played bogus football. Bogus tactics very linear system. It will actually be much worse if Vinicius gets an injury. Without him you can play. Football is evolving and anceloti tactics are dead.

      1. BribELona hasnt done jack in CL 8 last years.
        HeII you even flunk EL. Obviously its a case of tired legs vs fresh legs, given the fact that youve flipped 15 players in 1,5 seasons, selling assets for 600mil just to win la liga once in 4 years.

        See a psychiatrist for these sockpuppet issues.

      2. Deb I just wonder what of your EPL teams we have stomped that makes you so sad in pants.

        Whatever it is, its hugely amusing.

  5. Because of the upside goal that is why Barcelona are putting all this allegations is a lie Barcelona are not paying any referee the dission of a referee is final in a field of play.

  6. That Madrid goal by Marco Asensio was a goal. Except the VAR has the new law that when none of your part is above the drawn like which is the the law and both players on the same level and you score is not a goal because the VAR officers does not favour. I may want to ask why do VAR fails to bring out the videos played against on that day a d the referees card was hidden on every dangerous fouls against Madrid.

    1. littIe barkin d*g, you need to qualify for champion knockouts and stop being eliminated year after year in group stage, so we can show you what its like to face real madrid when it matters and what its like to play when youre fatigued from champions league.
      you be playing with handdicap for years now with less matches played, are you not shamed?

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