“They’re b*******” – Opposition player opens up on facing Real Madrid

Real Madrid have been one of the best teams in world football for many years, and many opposition players have been left disheartened after facing them over the years.

For some players, especially those in the Champions League, they haven’t had much of an opportunity to face Real Madrid, but a lasting impression has still been left.

Arnor Sigurdsson faced Real Madrid as a CSKA Moscow player, and the Russian side completed an excellent 3-0 victory over Los Blancos in December 2018. Sigurdsson scored their third goal in that game, and he has now opened up on facing Real Madrid.

On the podcast “Tuttosvenskan”, as per MD, Sigurdsson gave an indication of the mind games that went on when he faced Real Madrid.

“These players are b*******. They are very good at playing football, but when it comes to certain markings, tackles and other things, they are the worst. They get into your head. When you go to face Real Madrid – and Modric is hot on your heels and tells you that you are shit – you realize that they are not very nice, but very good players. Then they shake your hand and show you respect.”

Sigurdsson’s admissions give an indication as to why Real Madrid have stayed at the top of European football for so many years, and they will hope to do so for years to come.

Image via Javier Soriano/AFP

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