Caso Negreira: Enriquez Negreira has “gone into hiding” after being spotted in Barcelona

Caso Negreira continues to dominate news in Spanish football, with new revelations breaking daily as the Prosecutor’s Office continues to investigate Barcelona over its relationship with Enriquez Negreira, ex-Vice President of the Referee’s Committee.

Spanish prosecutors have confirmed their intention to charge Barcelona with “continuous sporting corruption”, in which former Presidents Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell are also included. Negreira himself is too, but he has yet to be spoken to, as authorities have been unable to contact him.

Earlier this week, El Mundo published a sighting of Negreira in Barcelona, which was the first time he had been seen since the story broke over a month ago. However, he has since vanished from the public eye.

Sport have followed up on that by speaking to a private investigator, who claims to know where Negreira is now. Paco Marco also explained how Negreira has been able to avoid being detected, for the most part, so far.

“I know where Enriquez Negreira is. I prefer not to say it because he is a person who is hiding right now. He was in Barcelona, but he is now hiding from the Treasury. They are seizing everything, even his last car.

“He normally lives in Barcelona with his second partner. He has been making a route through Spain. They have a house in Huesca and they were there, and they were also in Benidorm. They returned to Barcelona to look for suitcases and their dog. They were taking care of him, and have toured half of Spain. Now they are hiding elsewhere in Spain.”

Barcelona have maintained their innocence over the matter, and are expected to conduct a press conference to share their version of events in the coming weeks.

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