Koke Resurreccion on Atletico Madrid fans – ‘There are times it doesn’t feel like we’re at home’

Atletico Madrid midfielder Koke Resurreccion has called for the fans at the Civitas Metropolitano to get behind the team, as loyalties remain divided.

Los Colchoneros are suffering from something of a split between the Frente Atletico group, as well as some other fans who share their sympathies, and another half of the stadium which are frustrated with the group.

The Frente group are also the majority of the singing section at the Metropolitano, and in protest at the leadership of the club, have decided not to sing, damaging the atmosphere. This has led to an angry backlash from other sections of the stadium – it all results in an eerily quiet Metropolitano.

Speaking to Onda Cero, Koke admitted that it was very different to what they were used to.

“There were times at the Calderon where you went out and you practically knew you were going to win, because our people were supporting us.”

The contrast to nowadays could not be more stark.

“Of course it shows, there have been days of very cold atmosphere in the stadium, where it seemed that we were not playing at home.”

As captain of the club, Koke called on the issues to be resolved so that the team and the club can move forward, and secure better results.

“That we are not all united on the field with the fans is a strange feeling, because that union is what has made us different. Hopefully everything will be resolved as soon as possible because we need people to die with us.”

However there seems little end in sight, unless the Frente group step away from their current position. Their demands are that the Gil family – who preside over the club with Enrique Cerezo – leave Atletico Madrid. Yet there seems no sign of that either.

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