Further reports emerge of payments to Negreira’s son during Joan Laporta’s first mandate

Information continues to flow out of El Caso Negreira almost every day, with the latest leaks detailing payments billed to Barcelona by Javier Enriquez Romero, son of Negreira.

El Confidencial (via Sport) have published details of payments made to companies by the name of Nilsad and Soccercam between 2004 and 2010, all of which is encompassed in Joan Laporta’s first spell as Barcelona President. The payments totalled over €750k over those six years.

Until 2008, Enriquez formed part of Luis Aragones’ technical team in the Spain setup, before Vicente del Bosque took over. However the billing continued to Barcelona when that relationship ended.

Enriquez Romero and the RFEF are under investigation for €4.4k billed to the Spanish Federation for ‘referee coaching’, but he is not yet under investigation as part of the ‘continuous corruption’ charge levelled against Barcelona. He was involved in those companies, but as of yet, is not the focus of the Anti-Corruption investigation.

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