Gerard Pique responds to Shakira song – ‘We have a duty to protect our children’

Gerard Pique appears ready to put an end to the public spat with Shakira, after months of back and forth between the two following their break-up.

The pair split last summer, after which they asked for privacy in order to allow their family to deal best with the matter. Since, they have sought anything but. Shakira has released various world-famous songs referencing both Pique and his new partner Clara Chia, while Pique has laughed those lyrics off by appearing at work wearing some of her insults.

Speaking on RAC1 on Tuesday though, Pique was solemn when asked about the matter.

“I do not want to talk. We have a responsibility, those of us who are parents must protect our children. Everyone makes their decisions. I don’t feel like talking anymore. I just want my children to be okay.”

“I have always had a close relationship with my children, he asked me to come on the Kings League… he was excited. Nothing makes me happier than making my son happy. I would do it again.”

Marca carried his words, as Pique seemed to suggest that he perhaps did not approve if Shakira’s decisions, but the Barcelona legend seemed keen to move on.

“It seems that he is older than he is. Everyone makes the decisions that they believe are the best. I do things one way, I try to do it in the best way. I am fine, happy. With a lot of desire to continue doing things and for Barca to continue winning.”

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  1. You failed your greatest duty, duty to your oen family by cheating on your wife and destroying that family, regardless of what people think of Shakira.

    The hypocritical catalan dna is too revolting to witness.

  2. This is sensible reasoning from Pique. I love Shakira but she is going overboard with her public expression. Quite frankly Pique is showing more class.

  3. Only God knows, even to appear in public by a women naked is religiously unethical and all humans are sinners, we asked him to forgive us that is Allah. Shakira has made a costly mistake for not let sleeping dog laying and disgrace herself, her lovely children and her family as well as her fans globally.

  4. Pique has the emotional capacity to act classy, he did the cheating that led to her public humiliation .

    She’s hurt, pain makes people crazy. She has had her outbursts, she will heal. People react differently to hurt, classy isn’t always the reaction.

  5. He did bad and Like he said everyone has his or her own decisions. It’s better and earlier u realize and part ways to avoid violence. Understanding matter In a situation like this. What has happened is done can’t reversed.

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