Former Barcelona Vice-President Toni Freixa – ‘The silence of the Presidents does not help’

Former Barcelona Presidential candidate and Vice-President Toni Freixa has defended Barcelona’s innocence in El Caso Negreira, but has admitted that it be handled better by Barcelona.

Freixa was part of Joan Laporta’s first board between 2003 and 2005, and then again under Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, before presenting himself as a candidate for election in 2015 and 2021.

Speaking to Cadena Cope (via Marca), Freixa was asked about the Negreira case, and pointed out that other teams, including the likes of Getafe and Real Madrid have former referees on their books.

“And hiring a former referee and have him on the payroll, is that okay with you? Yes indeed. When you stopped refereeing, did you no longer have any kind of relationship or influence within the collective? Don’t you have friends anymore?”

Naturally that does not equate to an investigation of corruption, and those referees were not still part of the Referees Committee. Freixa also claimed that he was unaware of the matter, in contrast to other reports.

“I didn’t know, of course I didn’t. To me that Barca is advised on arbitration matters, exactly the same as the rest of the clubs do, it seems excellent to me. It’s that Barca did not pay the number two of the referees, they paid a company.”

He then went on defend Barcelona’s innocence until proven guilty, but was also aware that the lack of explanation from the club was not helping matters.

“The conclusion has automatically been reached that a crime of corruption between individuals has been committed here in the sports field. That is the journalistic, media conclusion.”

“The silence of the former presidents certainly does not help at all, we can agree on that. I would like President Laporta, former President Bartomeu, former President Rosell and former President Gaspart to even hold a press conference together, the four of them, to explain to the members the money that was spent on these services. It would go very well, because it would silence There are a lot of doubts. As long as this is not done, there are many people who want to discredit and question the honor of Barcelona.

Like Gerard Pique before him, he also questioned whether it was a smart way of going about corruption, if they were to.

“If someone can believe that with less than 0.1% of the budget, because what was paid is equivalent to that, they can corrupting an entire competition, is that they have no idea what this is about. Everyone knows that referees have not been bought here, everyone knows that.”

Freixa naturally has his affections with Barcelona, but also rivals within the club. It is no surprise that he defended the club, but singled out his rivals during his criticism.

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  1. Lets not confuse the known facts:
    1. Barcelona are being investigated based on the money trail – not other clubs
    2. The known (long) time period indicates an institutionalised activity.
    3. Yes, Barca paid a company – the company belonged to Negreira.
    4. Corruption does not have a financial threshold – you can corrupt with just 1 Euro and it will still be a crime.
    5. Gerrard Pique is the LAST person to use as a role model for logic, standards or as shown recently even plain honesty.

    Lastly… “…there are many people who want to discredit and question the honor of Barcelona.”
    Maybe – but they are not doing as good a job as the Presidents of Barcelona in that 20 year timeframe. Shameful stuff that will taint La LIga and Spain in general.

    1. Truly all the Presidents involved in the period in question should come out and explain better than keeping quiet.
      This is obviously a campaign to discredit FC Barcelona, because clearly no matches played in those periods showed favoritism towards Barca by any Referee.

  2. “…there are many people who want to discredit and question the honor of Barcelona”

    Not many people want to question bribELonas honor, its the dishonor people want to take a closer look at.

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