WATCH: Joan Laporta on the verge of tears – ‘I can’t wait to face the scoundrels staining our badge’

Barcelona President Joan Laporta has come out of fighting after the club were charged with continuous corruption on Friday. During a speech to the club captains, he explained that it was a ‘campaign in bad faith’.

Over the weekend Real Madrid joined the clamour of clubs and institutions set to become defendants in the court case against the club, while La Liga President Javier Tebas continues to fire shots at the club over El Caso Negreira. Barcelona still haven’t given any explanations of the matter itself, but Laporta has maintained the innocence in the club.

“I can’t wait to face all the scoundrels who are staining our badge. Barca is a club with values. We use the word values ​​not to look good, but because values ​​really are a fundamental, fundamental part of our sporting excellence model. And that is why Barca is admired and recognised throughout the world. It also happens that some, motivated by envy, try to erode our reputation with campaigns carried out in bad faith.”

The speech was made in a event for the captains of all of the sports clubs at Barcelona, from the most senior like Sergio Busquets and Alexia Putellas through to the younger age groups at La Masia.

“Barcelona sentiment cannot be bought or sold but it cannot be sullied either. And recently, and I take advantage of the fact that people who love the club are gathered together, there have been some ferocious attacks to stain our shield, which have nothing to do with reality. And you can be sure that in the board of directors that I have the honour of chairing we will defend it with all our strength.”

He closed his speech almost on the verge of tears, admitting that he was emotional about the matter.

“Don’t think that I am getting emotional out of weakness, I am emotional because I really want to face all the scoundrels that are staining our shield. Let no one think that it is due to weakness.”

While this may appeal to the masses of the Barcelona persuasion, and may well be a genuine show of emotion, until the Blaugrana fully explain their payments to Dasnil 95, then the suspicion around their role in the matter will continue to grow.

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  1. This is second time laporta is brought to court, google laporta Uzbekistan.
    How could bad things keep happening to such clean people?

    Prosecutors, put rosell and bartomeu on interrogation chair, right after Negreira. Case will be closed in a few hours.

    Remember, in case of perjury – you go to the slammer. Im sure none of those tender looking fellas would like to become new toy amongst inmates lmaoooo

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