El Caso Negreira: Leaks show some of the reports that Enriquez Negreira sent to Barcelona

New revelations continue to emerge surrounding Caso Negreira, following confirmation of Spanish prosecutors’ intent to charge Barcelona with “continuous sporting corruption”, which was confirmed last week.

Barcelona claim that they paid Enriquez Negreira, former Vice President of the Referee’s Committee, for scouting reports and reports on particular referees which were used by the first team in order to better manage them on the pitch.

The first example of these reports has been leaked, as per Libertad Digital. The letters were seized following a home search of former Barcelona director Josep Contreras, who died in December.

The reports, titled as “confidential arbitration reports”, were typically two to three pages long, and were strewn with spelling mistakes. One example shown was for the match between Barcelona and Mallorca in 2012, which was refereed by Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva.

The report focused of personal data on Iglesias Villanueva surrounding his record for Barcelona and Mallorca, while a personal profile was also listed.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta has maintained the club’s innocence throughout the process, and he is in the process of conducting an internal investigation on El Caso Negreira.

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  1. “The reports, titled as “confidential arbitration reports”, were typically two to three pages long, and were strewn with spelling mistakes”

    Does that sound like a professional report you pay millions for or a bs alibi? Would you pay that for two pages long “report” riddled with spelling errors?

    Asking for a friend.

  2. It has to be specifically specified and put every document in order to pave away all these allegations for corruption. I been a fan of Barcelona from way way back and today we’re in these situations, to the judges of all over the world we wish you to fairly and quickly resolve this one and forever. I wish the Barcelona board team members to maintain their role of professionalism till the end….God bless the loyal Barcelona fans from across Europe, and all over the world at large….dalisoul from Zambia.

    1. No bribe is bookeeped as “bribery” as you suggest it. “Saturday 20, 15:00. I received bribery money from rosell, in order to influence refereeing decisions”.

      Every criminal will want to leave as few prints as possible to lower the chance of being caught and his true intent revealed, nothing is “specifically specified:. What we do have is payments to his company in exchange for what… two papers with spelling errors? Also, we have Negreiras own statements published in media where he a) implied he could help them with decisions b) he wanted more money or he would make things official. You also look at circumstances such as bribELona not being given a penalty for two seasons in relevant timeframe.

      It will be up to the honorable judge and jury members to connect the dots. Crossexamination of Negreira where he is confronted with his own statements as well as crossexamination of rosell and bartomeu will puncture this trial and hopefully bring draconian punishment to your fraud club.

      1. What are you really going to gain with the downfall of Barcelona?? I still don’t understand what your problem is. I know you are a Madrid fsn boy and i read a lot of stuff about Madrid and I don’t see you Comment on them. Then comes things about barca and then “mc” pops up. Are you obsessed or you just one born hater?? It’s one thing to be a fan boy of an opposing team, but come on….this is pure hatred. I have a feeling you are one lonely bastard who needs help. You need attention.
        Get a life, Mr Mc. Stop hating on Barca and wait till the club is proven guilty.

        1. No one will gain nothing personal
          But the fairness of the sports would have been preserved if justice is served

        2. Suggesting that I hate a club thats 10ft below us is like suggesting a Bentley owner hates a Skoda owner.
          You still havent figured it out, but if Darwin was right, you will in a couple of million years. Hate implies jealousy and fear. Being ahead of your club with… what, almost 3x CL titles, healthy lead in Ligas, never being booted out of CL, homie were wrecking you. We cant hate you merely pity you.

          You need to understand that I love ridiculing you CuIos. Especially your ilk. Everytime I trigger you and you blurt out some fancy buzzwords like “hate” its 1-0 to me. The combination of your frustration to more eloquently and precisely express yourself, in combination with hopelessness of being below Real on every tangible metric probably blows your circuits at least couple times a day.

          On the other hand, my issue lies with you engagement in fraud. Your team paid referee who acknowleged in media that he would help them with VAR and even demanded more money when your finances dried up. When they put him on crossexamination chair and ask about what he said its curtains. We all had a hunch that you used dishonesty during your golden period (imagine having messi and stooping to bribery) but now there is tangible evidence that indeed happened. And every honest sports fan should be revolted by that.

          I will revel in your downfall as its by no means a sin to look down upon cheaters.

  3. @mc Barca has been smashing your ass 3 games on a roll(upcoming clasico included) and it’s not funny anymore….

    Your champions league wins are all stained with ridiculous and biased officiating. Eduardo Gonzalez recently made a claim that your club president locked him in a room. Your president is yet to make a comment about it.

    Yes, you may have more ucl trophies but i guess that’s not the only trophy you compete for. Domestically, Barca whip your ass hence the reason you haven’t won a treble before…and you’re just about to be dumped out from the copa del rey: a trophy you haven’t won since 2013/14 season.

    The guy in the previous comment might be right because all i see is sheer hatred and saltiness in your comment because Barca owns you

    1. Your barca has being taking it up the .ss with six clasico losses in row before that.
      It goes up and down. Who cares, it will soon revert. Its still 6-4 us in latest 10 competitive clasicos. You ought to be somewhere on spectrum or seriously cherrypicking if youre not looking at bigger picture. Im not worried with that. What matters to me is that your club is bleeding money, thanks to all latest embarrassments in Europe for 7 years now. My calculations show that your premature exit has cost you around 300 mil euro while 5 cls we won lately is 80 mil a pop. You do the math.

      The barcELonaphile itturdaldo who always defends decisions to bribELona says Perez locked him in a room? Day it aint so. And? What happened in that room, did he compliment his hairstyle? Was there any receipts or bribes involved? Are you trying to compare that with evidence corpus of receipts paid and Negreiras own statement where he wanted more money so he could be helping brokELona with VAR? Dont be that desperate. Poor fellow. Ive followed itturdalde for 10 years in Spanish media. Guy is more fauxcatalan that cruyff.

      Domestically bribELona whip our a.s? I knew bribELona fans live in their own worlds but this takes the cake. You are aware of fact that domestically, we have 35 liga totals vs your 26? Let me guess, you started to follow bribELona during messi, classic plastic fan. Also, if you look at prize money, is that strange to you that Real prioritize CL where you win 80 mil? RM has played more matches than bribELona due to general success in Europe and advancement to later stages. Its perfectly normal to be tired and face teams who havent done jack in that departement. But if you think that second tier CDR victory is something to be proud of youre deluded.

      No wonder that your club is in such economic quagmire if you take pride in consolation prize trophies. Have you ever considered why your economy is down the drain? Maybe economists at bribELona have same priorities as you, fanbases and management are believe it or not, pretty since they share similar values. Do you also engage in fraud while were at it?

      1. And good thing that your CLs werent stained with ridiculous refereeing.
        Did you pay Övrebo and Aytekin as you paid Negreira?

          1. Ikr? That goober actually flaunted with CDR. Oh boy.

            Lets do some math (hard for brokELona fans)
            Win CDR 3 = mil Euro.
            Win CL 80 = mil Euro.

            Duh, if we have a finite amount of energy in our players legs, what do we aim for?

            Coincidentally, bribELona havent won a CL since their “scintillating” CDR spree began. Clearly if youre dumped out of CL you gotta aim for something, right, not like they have a choice lmaoooo

  4. Oh guys stop the accusations and fighting one another it can’t never resolve the issue nor bring solutions neither prevail justice. Instead, let’s provide tangible evidence that can maintain the good image of our club. It really a hard time but if justice is prevail democratically we can conquer. Barcelona 4 life.

  5. There is no democracy is justice. Justice is a respecter of no one but the law. Barcelona has long been accused of image laundering and identity theft. I am glad the truths are coming out for everyone to see. Imagine what Real Madrid had to face since 2001 to 2018. Look at their records in Laliga in spite of the diluted sporting environment in Laliga as orchestrated by Barca. Hala Madrid! On Sunday it will be home and away in Laliga as usual.

    1. Ye its funny how they get all in a friendly mood when their neck is in a guillotine.
      Sure, we can have reconcilliation party but first we are gonna have us a little trial.
      You do the crime you do the time.

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