Barcelona payments to Enriquez Negreira were in ‘self-defence’, hidden from other directors

Further details of ‘El Caso Negreira’ continue to leak out, and few of them paint Barcelona in a good light. The latest claims are that the Barcelona Presidents involved paid Dasnil 95, Enriquez Negreira’s company, in an act of ‘self-defence’.

On Monday, it was revealed that the Barcelona Presidents were aware of the payments to Negreira, while Joan Laporta, the incumbent President, has launched another fierce defence of the club, although without explaining the matter.

According to the latest El Mundo reports, as carried by Relevo, Barcelona’s Presidents believed they were paying Negreira ‘in self-defence’. Fears that the refereeing bodies favoured Real Madrid led Barcelona Presidents to pay Negreira in order to ensure everything was ‘neutral’. They did not explain this to other directors in order to ‘protect them’.

The relations continued between Enriquez Negreira and Barcelona due to a state ‘constant blackmail’ from the former, who threatened to release the information.

The report goes on to state that those in and around the case from a Barcelona perspective maintain that other clubs from Segunda and Primera also made payments to Negreira.

Tension is rising in Spanish football around the matter, and it seems Barcelona are running out of time to explain themselves if they want to have any chance of being taken seriously by their own fans, let alone those of other clubs. With El Clasico fast approaching this Sunday, the noise will continue to grow in decibels.

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  1. “Self-defense”? comical…

    Juve were relegated and docked points for something that at worse is unsporting behavior. Yet a club paying referees is self-defense…

    1. Its the usual cataIanimaI playing victim complex, were being subject to a conspiracy, never any accountability for their actions.

      We had to pay refs in self-defense lmao. The world made us do it. We had no choice.

      What else to expect, you remember when messi said a slur to a referee he claimed afterwards “I said it to the wind” to avoid punishment.
      That situation perfectly embodies the “more than a club” culture and mentality. I dont expect these parodies on human beings to man up and assume responsibility for their own actions.

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