Xavi Hernandez saddened by Athletic Club protests over Caso Negreira

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has admitted that he was affected emotionally by the atmosphere on Sunday night, after Athletic Club fans made their feelings known over El Caso Negreira.

San Mames saw a number of red and blue fake bank notes rain down, as the fans protested over the charge of corruption levelled at Barcelona. There were also chants heard during the match of Athletic fans singing ‘A Segunda, oe’ – ‘To the Second Division, oe,’ – referencing a potential relegation as part of a punishment that could befall the Blaugrana.

“It saddened me,” Xavi admitted to Sport after the match.

“I respect the public of San Mames, they have always treated me very well. I am surprised by the hostile environment and it saddens me, I think that making judgements ahead of time is not good for society.”

He was also asked if the case itself, or if the prospect of exclusion from UEFA competitions, had been brought with the players.

“We have not spoken in the dressing room, we are professionals. We hope to play football, to defend this team to the death.”

While by no means are they the victim in this, Barcelona’s players and manager find themselves in a tricky position currently. As the face and public relations are of the club, and in the absence of any explanation from President Joan Laporta, it falls to them to speak about an issue they know nothing of.

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  1. A criminal is saddened by someone found out and protest against their criminal activities.

    Say it aint so.

    He was a part of cartel that didnt get a penalty against them for two seasons in row. Thats maybe normal to a criminal but to rest of football fans, something is strange about that.

    Hope entire league catches on this “Mafia$” trend.

          1. How does it feel to be this behind:

            0-2 in relegations down to EL
            0-1 in being actually eliminated in EL

            35-26 Liga titles
            4-3 Fifa club world cup
            1-0 voted Club of the century

            14-5 CL trophies
            6-4 in latest 10 clasicos

            Imagine hating a club and being behind so much while you imagine me pointing at your face and laughing.

            Dont jump of a cliff or something due to all frustration, that would break my heart.

    1. Your criminal cartel club is soon to be booted out from Europe, asap prosecutor connects the dots between paidouts to vice of Spains refereeing body and two years of not receiving a single penalty against.

      You should donate a kidney and some blood and send money to bribELona. God knows they need the money, at least there is some use of you looool

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