Real Madrid TV release slam report on former Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez following criticism

Real Madrid stepped up their involvement in the El Caso Negreira, as they confirmed they would be present for the proceedings against Barcelona as an injured party over the weekend. And it appears their media wing are fully on board.

Over the weekend, Real Madrid TV released a slam piece on Carlos Clos Gomez, who refereed in La Liga for 11 years between 2006 and 2017. He is now head of VAR. The video report shows Clos Gomez’s perceived errors that damaged Real Madrid in games.

The evening that followed, Cadena SER analyst and former referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez criticised Real Madrid TV, saying it was ‘undignified for a club that calls itself the best in the world’, and noting that they must have had permission to do so from President Florentino Perez.

In response, Real Madrid then put together and released a similar style of video on Iturralde himself.

Iturralde would then respond to that video by claiming that he was only ever pressured after a match by one President, and it was Florentino Perez.

It seems hard to imagine that these two reports have appeared independently of Los Blancos’ increased involvement in El Caso Negreira, and subsequently Iturralde’s comments. Of course, it is tricky to take these videos seriously as any evidence of bias against Real Madrid unless they detail all of the errors that both referees committed in their favour too.

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  1. Exactly what I wrote about in former article about ItTURDalde.

    A bribELonaphile through and through, with a history of bad “calls” against RM.

    It wouldnt surprise me if he was on their payroll. He was pretty quick to defend his employ… favorite club, also pretty telling. Prosecutors in bribELona case should do a serious combing on this guy. It reeks of corruption, a familiar bribELona scent.

  2. “Iturralde González was the referee of the Republic of Ireland’s 2–1 win over Armenia in the last Euro 2012 qualifying match.

    Early in the game, he sent off Armenian goalkeeper Roman Berezovsky for a handball, although video replays indicated that the ball hit his chest.

    Two days after the match, the Football Federation of Armenia officially filed a protest to UEFA over the goalkeeper’s dismissal.”

    Partial or incompetent? Its a toss up for me really.

    1. Now I can see you have so much hate for football club Barcelona. I keep seeing your comments everywhere. Get a life pls..go out there and relax and have fun…I can see you have so much hate in you. Did your parents abused you as a kid??

      1. But it brings me so much joy to remind you what kind of IowIives your club is and since it triggers you so much its all the more enjoyable. Its natural to deduce that youre also a IowIife since you support a club with those moral values, its simple logic.
        Hate? What are you even talking about? I cannot hate bribELona, youre our doormat. Ridiculing you is hugely amusing, since you are a perfect representant of your fanbase, immensly limited, talk zero sense and always project your own insecurities on others.
        Hate? Lol, that mere conclusion suggests that you’re extra chromosome special.
        Did your parents have same name? You know, before marrying?

        1. MC there is passion and there is fanaticism. I get you don’t like Barca but I don’t think name calling is going to help anyone. Also I feel you don’t touch grass alot with your feet, judging by your comments recently. Feel free to diss me if you need to but remember, prejudice is deadly. Peace dude

          1. Why would I diss you when you perfectly dissed yourself by suggesting that someone who retailiates an insult is insulting other ppl? Why sure, you come of as a balanced and fair “neutral”

            Maybe you need another user name to highfive yourself once again?
            Man, youre a joke.

            Whats happening to your club is delighful and Im enjoying every second of it and your own frustration. Dont have a stroke, it would break my heart.

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