Joan Laporta claims that Barcelona are “victims of a smear campaign” over El Caso Negreira

El Caso Negreira has dominated Spanish football news for much of the last four weeks since news first broke of Barcelona’s involvement with Enriquez Negreira, former Vice President of the Referee’s Committee.

It’s not likely to go away anytime soon earlier, following confirmation that Spanish prosecutors are charging Barcelona with “continuous sporting corruption”. Following that announcement, Real Madrid have confirmed their intention to appear in the court proceedings as an injury party.

Although Barcelona have confirmed they did make the payments to Negreira, they have vehemently denied that they were done so to receive favourable decisions from referees.

After Real Madrid’s admission, Barcelona President Joan Laporta has taken to Twitter to reassure fans that the club is “innocent” and that he will defend the club’s honour over El Caso Negreira.

“Culers, be calm. Barca is innocent of what it is accused of and is the victim of a smear campaign in which everyone is now involved. No surprise, we will defend Barca and demonstrate the club’s innocence. Many will have to rectify.”

Barcelona have been boosted in recent days over the matter, with reports suggesting that the Prosecutor’s Office has yet to provide sufficient proof that the club purchased referees doing the time it made payments to Negreira.

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  1. Im having such a deja vu.
    These were the EXACT same words when he was brought to court by rosell and bartomeu, on the grounds of malversion. Google laporta Uzbekistan.

    Funny how this guy often is accused for fraudulent activities, being such a squeaky clean lawyer guy.

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