“If he was my son, I would hit him” – Alejandro Garnacho criticised for mocking Barcelona on social media

In the aftermath of Barcelona’s disappointing exit to Manchester United in the Europa League knockout round last month, Alejandro Garnacho took the opportunity to mock the Blaugrana, as well as Pedri.

Garnacho posted a picture of himself doing Pedri’s trademark binoculars celebration, which was captioned with “the big team goes through”. Man Utd fans loved it, as did Real Madrid supporters.

Garnacho is a Los Blancos supporter, so his reaction was somewhat expected, considering his age and the fact that it was his first opportunity to face Barcelona in senior football. However, not everyone saw the funny side.

Colon head coach Pipo Gorosito, who is a polarising figure in Argentina, has expressed his opinion on Garnacho, who was recently called up by La Albiceleste for their upcoming international friendlies against Panama and Curacao. Gorosito slaughtered the 18-year-old’s conduct, especially when it comes to social media, as per Sport.

“You have to show him what is good and bad. He’s going to make mistakes because he’s 18 years old and that’s when he has to do it, it’s part of life.

“If he’s one of my children, I hit him with an open hand on the neck. That’s the way it is.”

Garnacho’s Argentina call up could be a big blow to Spain, as they look set to miss on having him as a full international. However, he could still switch back to La Roja, as Argentina’s matches are not competitive fixtures.

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  1. Well done Garnacho!
    Who cares what that constipated nobody has to say!

    I thoroughly enjoyed your shellacking of bribELona.

    1. I don’t know why u will just decide to waste ur time reading my text when clearly I have nothing to say.
      And this person which is u …is still reading it ..woww….and who are you ti say garnacho did a good thing….. stop humiliating yourself plss

      1. That life in Real Madrid’s shadow is obviously impacting your mental health to the point where you have a dialogue with yourself while replying to someone else.
        Garnacho did a fabulous thing, p.ssed on your players while robbing your club of money they sorely need to survive.

        In last decade or so, your flops have cost your club 3 or 400 million euros in prize money while its viceversa for RM.

        I know you have nightmares about it and you know Im laughing at you for it.

    1. yeah yeah? what about pedri mocking madrid. Most of the madrid players are elder than him. Garnacho did the right thing with him being a madrid fan

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