Fabrizio Romano responds to Twitter accusation that he is on Barcelona payroll

Barcelona are under the microscope in Spain after further revelations emerged about El Caso Negreira, with the Catalan side accused of ‘continuous corruption’ with former Vice-President of the Referees Committee Jose Enriquez Negreira.

This is the latest scandal in a list over recent years involving Barcelona, not least Barcagate. It has been revealed that under former Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu paid for social media accounts to disparage and abuse both his political rivals and active players at the club. Since, it has also come out that Bartomeu allegedly sanctioned payments to journalists in return for favourable coverage.

After the latest Caso Negreira revelations, a Real Madrid supporter accused transfer guru Fabrizio Romano of the same thing, after several tweets regarding Laporta’s statements around transfers.

“The news of the year comes out and he releases a list of tweets with Barca sports news (he has never done anything like that) to divert attention.”

“TwRM already said a year ago that @FabrizioRomano was in the pay of Laporta. We are well above other fans, and journalists.”

“Friend, be very careful before posting that I am in someone’s pay… and respect before inventing lies,” responded Romano.

“Every time Laporta, Florentino, or whoever speaks, I publish all the words on the subject of the market, contracts. I don’t know anything about the prosecution, I only work in the market.”

Barcelona are already in dire financial straits, and while the Blaugrana are no doubt still contributing to a number of questionable expenses, buying good coverage seems like it should be lower down their list of priorities.

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  1. BribELona.

    Since the cat is out of the bag, its natural to assume that bribELona engaged in more fraud than Negreira.

    Once a fraud and cheater, forever a fraud and cheater. The zebra cant wash off its stripes at will.

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