Iker Casillas in hot water with Sevilla fans following Real Betis comment

Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas has joined up to provide the counterweight to Gerard Pique on the Kings League project. Rather than Barcelona fans that Casillas has been offending though, it is Sevilla fans that are irritated by ‘San Iker’.

During a conversation about which of the teams in the Kings League will be more popular, Casillas was asked whether he thought that ‘Ultimate Mostoles’ or ‘1k’ would be better supported in the town, Casillas responded with the following.

“It’s a bit like Sevilla no? They carry the name of the city, but Betis are more loved.”

No doubt Spain’s World Cup-winning captain became significantly more popular in some parts of Andalusia, and considerably less so in others.

Casillas and Pique have been going back and forth over referees of late, as the Caso Negreira revelations filter out, although little more than light-hearted jabs at each other and their respective allegiances.


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