Enriquez Negreira offered to “help Barcelona with VAR” in shocking new revelations

New evidence continues to come to light over El Caso Negreira, which centres around Barcelona’s relationship with the former Vice President of the Referee’s Committee Enriquez Negreira.

Barcelona’s relationship with Negreira ended in 2018 when then-president Josep Maria Bartomeu cancelled the club’s contract with the former referee’s company, Dasnil 95.

In the aftermath of this, Negreira sent at least two burofax to Barca, the latest of which asked the club to continue paying him despite their agreement having been severed.

Startling new revelations from El Mundo have revealed that Negreira contact Barcelona in 2020 after the introduction of VAR two years prior. It is stated that he offered his “help” with the technology to the club’s board.

“I can help you with VAR. If you are interested, contact me.”

Barcelona are reportedly to have not responded to Negreira’s offer, but tensions are unlikely to rest over the case after this news, especially following reports that Barcelona are among the teams to have benefitted the most from VAR this season.

The club are already being taken to court by the Spanish Justice department over charges of “continuous corruption”.

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