‘Sick to the teeth of him’ – Joao Felix relations completely broken with Atletico Madrid dressing room

Atletico Madrid’s record signing currently finds himself on loan at Chelsea currently, but there is little certainty around his future. With no buy clause, Joao Felix could well end up back in Madrid. However there seems little appetite to see that come to pass in the Spanish capital.

Speaking to AS TV, Miguel Martin Talavera detailed the complete lack of relations between the staff at Los Colchoneros and the Portuguese star.

“What is clear is that Joao Felix is going one way and Atletico Madrid are going the other.”

“Atletico are a block, there are no sour faces. There are frustrated players, but they do not let that into the public sphere. There is no continual controversy when a player comes off in the 70th minute. Or if they stay on the bench.”

Beyond just the public image of the team, there is little in the way of personal affection for Felix either.

“More than that, everything is focused on a stand off between Joao Felix and Diego Pablo Simeone. Right now, Joao Felix is still in contact with two players at Atletico Madrid. After four years, Reinildo, who arrived just over a year ago, and Sergio Reguilon, are the ones who he is closest with. With the rest, there is nothing, no friendship.”

And his closing statements do not speak well of Felix, if he is trying to find a club to gamble on him.

“The reason is, they are sick to the teeth of him. They think he only looks out for himself, for his objectives. The things he did harmed the team and harmed the group.”

Talavera would go on to point out that things are improving at Atleti without him, with Diego Simeone’s side putting in one of their most organised performances of the season against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Finances will ultimately dictate his future, but it seems more and more likely that it will be Felix who moves on this summer than Simeone.

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