Real Madrid suspected refereeing irregularities for ’20 years’ before Caso Negreira

Real Madrid have been curiously silent on the refereeing scandal surrounding Barcelona, but it seems clear that they are keen to convey the message that this is an argument they have been making for many years.

In Marca, the well-connected Jose Felix Diaz has written that Los Blancos suspected of refereeing irregularities for ’20 years’, a message that comes from ‘authoritative voices’ within the club.

It also refers back to numerous official statements and complaints about referees, including a statement in 2011, when Jose Mourinho was manager, saying that referees were predisposed against them.

However Diaz’s piece highlights a change in refereeing when Angel Villar left his post as head of the RFEF, and Luis Rubiales came in. Yet Real Madrid have continued to release official statements and complaints during Rubiales’ time too.

It raised many eyebrows that Real Madrid did not back a statement supported by 40 of the 42 Primera and Segunda clubs asking for a thorough investigation into the matter, but Diaz’s piece says that Real Madrid feel it is now ‘their’ problem after Real Madrid’s own complaints for so many years, resentful that Los Blancos’ warnings were not heeded.

However given the continued statements during the Rubiales era, and the fact Real Madrid normally do not miss an opportunity to complain about referees, this does not quite add up. Diaz’s piece could be interpreted as an attempt from those higher up at Real Madrid to placate their own fans, by conveying that outrage felt by the fans is also felt within the club. If it was felt that strongly, no doubt they would have moved their considerable weight within Spain to do something about it.

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  1. A lot knew it for long that, barca is not a transparent club in Spain.
    It’s a club that can’t play without lobbying the match officials.
    Nemesis must catch up with them, in the ongoing investigation routine. No escape.
    What a profound pity?

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