Media Chief Jaume Roures criticises Vinicius Junior – ‘He should know how to control himself’

Vinicius Junior has been the centre of attention all season, for reasons good and bad. However just as it seemed the discussion over the Real Madrid star was moving back to football, MediaPro President Jaume Roures has brought his ‘provocations’ back into the spotlight.

The Brazilian was in scintillating form on Tuesday night, grabbing an assist and a brace against Liverpool. Carlo Ancelotti named him the most decisive footballer in the world after the match.

Speaking to RadioMarca though, Roures said that Real Madrid needed to intervene to stop what he saw as disrespectful behaviour from the Brazilian.

“He is a great player, but let’s not go too far. Sometimes he’s a bit like Neymar, who looks for a confrontation. Saying that, it does not justify insulting him. For the benefit of the club, they should give him some advice. There are reactions out of order. He should know how to control himself in the game.”

While plenty in Spain have an opinion on Vinicius, Roures’ is significant because he is the President of MediaPro, who own Gol TV and carry the rights to to La Liga matches. His words and his view of matters potentially either helps shape the narrative within his media group, and thus potentially the narrative on Vinicius.

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  1. Neymar was protected by refs, Vinicius isnt.
    What changed?

    Madrid maybe needs to donate some money to refs like bribELona did?

  2. Stop your hate towards non spanish and non european best footballers. What is clear here is a personal pick on someone. If your spanish players dont perform, do not carry your frustrutions to others.

    Every footballer have the right to protection agaist injury. If Vini reacts to some of these its because he doesnt want to get injured. Its the responsibility of the Ref as well to protect these talented players.

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