Explained: Why Real Madrid weren’t part of Barcelona-Caso Negreira statement

It has not gone unnoticed that while much of Spanish football has been expressing its indignation at El Caso Negreira, rivals Real Madrid have not gone for Barcelona in the same way.

Former Vice-President of the Referees Committee is being investigated by the tax office for payments to his company Dansil 95 from Barcelona. The latest revelations show threats from Negreira towards the club, claiming he did them many favours.

On Tuesday, 14 La Liga and Segunda clubs redacted a group statement asking for thorough investigation of the case, which was then supported by 40 of the 42 clubs in the two leagues. The two who did not? Real Madrid and Barcelona.

According to Marca, Los Blancos do share the ‘indignation’ at the news coming out related to Barcelona and Negreira, but as they were not part of the Delegate Committee, which put the statement together, their name did not appear.

They also highlight the fact that La Liga and Real Madrid are also at odds over a number of issues, which contributes to the fact that Real Madrid are reluctant to add their weight to anything Javier Tebas-related.

While that may be the story coming out of Real Madrid, to which Marca are closely linked, for many this is just the latest episode in the linking of arms between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The two appear decided to follow the same path come what may, even if it means defending the other.

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