Former referee on Barcelona scandal – ‘Negreira pressured me’

The ‘Caso Negreira’ continues to rumble on, with almost daily proclamations on the matter from various people involved in the matter. One former referee has come forward that might interest state prosecution service though.

On Monday, La Liga President Javier Tebas called for Barcelona President Joan Laporta’s resignation if he could not provide an explanation for the matter. That was met with a strong response from Laporta, who accused Tebas of being obsessed with Barcelona.

Both are currently awaiting the results of investigations before they can move however, but a former referee has made a series of interesting declarations. Speaking on RadioMarca, Alberto Gimenez declared that he personally had been pressured by Enriquez Negreira.

“Negreira pressured me. He met me with other referees and told me: ‘Hey chicken, be careful with what you say on television. You already understand me. Be careful,’ There is a formula for fixing matches. It’s a fool’s trap: I’m a friend of such and such who will support you, you give me so much and I’ll fix it for you.”

“If the result is negative, the money is returned. If he wins, he is marked for for life. If he loses and returns the money, he has another chance.”

He also declared that he was aware of corruption regarding a Spanish referee, during the 1984 UEFA Cup semi-final between Nottingham Forest and Anderlecht.

“I am aware that they bought a referee, Emilio Guruzeta. Enríquez Negreira was a linesman”.

However Gimenez also cast doubt on Negreira’s actual abiity to influence matters.

“He has always boasted that he has an influence. He has sold it as though he was a leader and led the Referees Committee. And he sold it to Barcelona like that. Negreira was the self-proclaimed leader. I have never believed it. I have always kept my distances with him.”

“I would say that since the referees started receiving these salaries, these practices are almost completely finished, I would say that they have disappeared. Now I would put my neck on the line for the La Liga and Segunda referees.”

On Tuesday, all of the La Liga and Segunda clubs released a joint statement on the matter, except for Barcelona and Real Madrid.

“I think that Madrid does not speak because they bet on the Super League. They are pulling the topic: there is a judge who is the one who has to say. Madrid has not entered this debate so as not to create bad vibes.”

Gimenez also confirmed that his son, Javier Negreira Romero, did accompany referees to games. Allegedly, Negreira Romero would call them and take them from their hotel to Camp Nou before games.

“In certain games and with certain referees he did accompany them. This can influence, but it is something more normal.”


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