Barcelona President Joan Laporta promises explanation on Caso Negreira, attacks Javier Tebas’ ‘obsession’

Barcelona President Joan Laporta has issued a strong response to La Liga President Javier Tebas following his declarations on Barcelona and El Caso Negreira. In addition he promised a full explanation of all the information they have on the matter.

That explanation will only come after an investigation though. Tebas had explained yesterday that Barcelona would start an investigation into the matter, which Laporta has now confirmed.

“Through the Compliance team we have decided to outsource the investigation of the facts. An analysis is being carried out so that it is independent and rigorous as Barca, its partners and its followers deserve. We believe that for a democratic society to exist there must be a free journalism, but we regret the leaks of data and documents that are taking place in a case that is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office and should have maximum custody.”

Previously it had been implied that Tebas himself had leaked out information from the case himself, as reported by Sport.

He also defended Barcelona’s actions in El Caso Negreira, claiming that there was indeed evidence of the work carried out, in contrast to Tebas.

“These works were done with the corresponding invoice and have the corresponding documentary and video support of some services that had been provided. Shortly, in the shortest possible time, we will hold a press conference to explain all the information we have in the club about this whole issue.”

Before launching a vicious attack on Tebas, claiming that it was a personal vendetta against Barcelona that was leading Tebas to take this action.

“Mr. Tebas has once again shown his face. They already told us that he was fomenting a campaign against Barca and myself. The mask has already been removed again. In his career he has already shown his anti-Barcelona tendencies, in 2005 he no longer wanted Messi to play for Barca. He is obsessed with Barca. He does not forgive us for the fact that we did not sign the agreement with CVC and that we are in the Super League. He wants me to stop being president of Barca. It is not a coincidence that we are doing well now.”

It appears the battle between the two is set to run for some time. Tebas said on Monday that Laporta should resign if he cannot provide a sound explanation of El Caso Negreira. The two are also locked in battle over the issues of the CVC deal, the Superleague, and the salary limits.

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