Carlo Ancelotti criticised for ‘ugly habit’ with referees after Osasuna victory

Real Madrid got an important victory in a tense atmosphere at El Sadar, and even Carlo Ancelotti was drawn into dramatics. Following their 2-0 win, the Italian, usually the model of professionalism, was criticised for his behaviour.

At half-time and after the full-time whistle, Ancelotti was seen confronting the referee. It is generally out of character for Ancelotti, but his criticism of officials has been more and more evident. Most clearly this was seen against Girona before the World Cup, when he claimed the referee had ‘invented’ a penalty against his side, but managed to escape punishment.

After the match at El Sadar, Antonio Romero of Cadena SER highlighted the fact that this was becoming more common for the Real Madrid boss.

“I think that Carlo Ancelotti is a gentleman, but he is taking on ugly habit of going out to the middle of the pitch to talk with the referee. Ancelotti doesn’t have to go out and talk, even if it’s in a polite way. And I say polite, because he The referee is holding the dialogue, and I sense that if Ancelotti comes and he doesn’t do it politely, he has to kick him out.”

Dani Garrido backed up this version of events.

“He came out visibly upset because he was very annoyed, and again he sticks out his finger.”

He also referenced the fact that Ancelotti was seen telling Osasuna fans to ‘go home’ in strong terms – another out of character action for the Italian.

Speaking to Marca after the match, Ancelotti admitted he was at fault for haranguing the referee.

“I did not agree with the last foul, which was twenty metres ahead. He told me that it was the last play of the game and that he had already whistled. The refereeing was good in my opinion, well refereed and I have respect for the referees. It was my mistake, the referee has explained it to me very well.”

In a tense season, it appears clear that rightly or wrongly Real Madrid do not feel they are protected enough by the authorities. Part of Ancelotti’s ability to manage well is his seemingly composed demeanour and the calm that he transmits to his players. It is a fine line he walks between maintaining that and sticking up for his players.

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  1. “After the match at El Sadar, Antonio Romero of Cadena SER highlighted the fact that this was becoming more common for the Real Madrid boss.”

    He did it to protect Vini, and he was 100% correct.
    Elbows are flying towards Vini when ref doesnt look and Var doesnt care to intervene.

    Write an article about that instead.

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