‘That people doubt the competition is not a good thing’ – Carlo Ancelotti on Barcelona scandal

The major news coming out of Spain this week has centred on El Caso Negreira, and it is no surprise that managers across the country are being asked for their opinions on it as they prepare for their weekend fixtures.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti was top of the list. The Italian manager was asked twice about El Caso Negreira his opinion on the matter, both times shutting it down by replying that he would not comment on it.

However he did respond when he was asked how it affected the image of La Liga on the whole, as something he has lived through in Italy too, with Calciopoli.

“That people doubt the competition is not a good thing. Sport is something that always has to be clean and we have to fight for the game to be clean.”

Villarreal manager Quique Setien would say that “unfortunately in this game, there have always been and will always be many people who have never kicked a ball, who will profit from this sport.”

“We all know where there is money, there is always pollution.”

The case looks as if it will run on for some time yet, with details being leaked out on a daily basis so far. As Ancelotti points out, it is not good for La Liga’s image. With investigations and any resulting trials likely to run on for years, it seems likely the bad smell seems likely to hang around for some time.

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