‘All the irregularities will come out’ – Enriquez Negreira threatened Barcelona after being sacked

Barcelona continue to come under the microscope for their relationship with Enriquez Negreira, after the threats of the former Vice-President of the Technical Committee of Referees threatened the club.

In 2018, Barcelona communicated to his son, also heavily involved in their business together, that they would not be continuing their relationship, Enriquez Negreira threatened them.

According to Cadena SER, called ex-Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu to say that he would leak information to the press. ‘all the irregularities will come out’ were his words, and he would later send a burofax stating the same warning.

“Another scandal would not benefit you,” was another phrase that implies Negreira had privileged information of wrongdoing at Barcelona.

“Without a second thought, all of the irregularities at the club that I have known and experienced first hand will come out.”

Another detail that has not been lost on many is the fact that shortly after Negreira lost his position on the Referees Committee, it was then Barcelona decided to break off their relations with Dasnil 95, Negreira and his son being the major players in that club.

The payments supposedly reached €7m over a period of 17 years, and the question being asked in Spain is exactly what kind of irregularities he was referring too. Without clarity on the issue, it could muddy Barcelona’s image and achievements indefinitely.

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