Toni Kroos admits his excitement over new European Superleague tournament

The new European Superleague proposals have caused a stir in the world of football. Several high profile people, including La Liga president Javier Tebas, continue to vehemently oppose the tournament, which was first brought about in 2021.

Real Madrid remain one of the driving forces behind the project, behind sports management company A22 have taken over control. Along with Barcelona and Juventus, the trio were determined to keep plans alive despite the first proposal seeing nine of the 12 participants withdraw.

Toni Kroos may well not have the opportunity to play in the ESL, should the plans come to fruition, and the Real Madrid veteran expects it to be approved this time around. He admitted that he is looking forward to the competition, as per Relevo.

“I think we will see this Super League. I’m very excited.

“Also, I’m pretty sure that a lot of clubs that backed down initially will also be much more open to this, because I’m sure this also has great advantages.”

The new proposals would see 60-80 teams involved, rather than the 12 from 2021’s initial idea. Real Madrid are likely to play a big part in European football going forward, and especially if the Super League happens.

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  1. Football needs a counteweight to UEFA cartel that backs on its own principles in exchange for oil money.

    Behind this kabuki theatre it all boils down to how the hyena Ceferin has ruined the game with seeing through fingers to oil rich clubs while pocketing money while he tries to peddle it as clubs that denounce financial doping somehow ruin the game.

    Its typical for a globalist company, up is down and lie is truth.

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