Barcelona unlikely to face punishment for payments to refereeing vice-president’s company

Some are calling it the biggest scandal in Spanish football history. After it was revealed that Barcelona had contracted the services of a company owned by former Vice-President of the Technical Committee of Referees Enriquez Negreira, it has called into question the integrity of the competition.

The payments revealed, taking place between 2016 and 2018, totalling €1.4m, were for scouting reports and reports on particular referees which were used by the first team in order to better manage them on the pitch. Another part of the contract highlights it was to ensure refereeing decisions were ‘neutral’. The news has come out as part of an investigation into the taxes of Negreira’s company.

Barcelona released a statement claiming that it was normal for clubs to do so and the news was released at this time to destabilise the club.

According to both Marca and Diario AS, this is unlikely to bring any disciplinary action. The Integrity Comittee will look into it, but unless they can prove Barcelona received preferential treatment from referees, then there are unlikely to be sanctions.

Should they be able to do so, then Barcelona could face a points penalty or even be relegated to the second division. The RFEF (Spanish Football Federation) say they regret Negreira’s actions, and that his behaviour was a conflict of interests. He may well face consequences.

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