Chelsea forward Joao Felix admits footballing differences with Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone

Chelsea forward Joao Felix moved to London on loan from parent club Atletico Madrid for six months without a buy option. The Portuguese footballer has struggled to deliver on his potential in Madrid and he has not tried to hide why.

After three-and-a-half years with Los Colchoneros, Felix joined Chelsea in January without an option to buy, but has told Diario AS that he wanted to leave for some time.

“I had been looking for a change of scene for a while, because it was difficult for me to adapt to the style of play. I went because I was fed up of trying so hard and not being able to. It had to be in that market and I think it has been good for Atleti and for me too.”

Of course there have been rumours that Felix does not get on well with Diego Simeone, who benched Felix for eight straight games, during the first half of the season.

“Everyone knows him, everyone knows what he has won. He is a very good manager, and he has his way of understanding and seeing football, that others do not have. It’s good for some and bad for others. That depends on the person. But he has his virtues and that makes him a good mananger.”

Asked exactly what his understanding of football is, Felix was blunt.

“Basically, it is suffering on the pitch. It is suffering, having a chance and scoring it. It’s his way of competing. It isn’t bad, but it is different from other managers.”

The disconnect between the two seems clear and at this point, almost irreconcilable. This represents a major question for Atletico Madrid this summer, with their record signing and the highest-paid manager in the world seemingly proving incompatible. Siding with one or the other will likely define their strategy for the coming seasons.

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