La Liga issue statement denouncing the new European Superleague proposals

On Thursday, A22, the sports management company in charge of the European Superleague, launched new proposals surrounding a new format for the competition.

This would see 60-80 teams involved, rather than 12, which was the original proposal that was planned in 2021. The tournament would follow a four-tier system, in which current domestic competitions would be incorporated.

La Liga have always been against the Superleague, and they have followed issued a press release in response to the developments on Thursday.

The statement in full is below:

Today the Super League promoters presented “principles” for what we know to be a direct threat to national football championships. Moreover, the proposed governance model is not democratic, instead giving the power and decisions to a few rich clubs, leaving small and medium-sized clubs aside.

While the Super League promoters claim their proposed competition will be open, the reality is that they are redrawing European football for the benefit and economic security of big clubs. This is a plan that was already presented, analysed, and rejected back in 2019.

Domestic championships disappear if there is no direct qualification to the top of European football. A model based on “various divisions” in European football is being proposed to allow the elites to ensure their permanence in the topflight, shunning the rest.

Additionally, the proposals suggest there would be no impact to the calendar. A rather strange assumption with more teams and more games. Additionally, where are the promised revenues to come from, if not from taking it from the national leagues?

The bottom line is that the Super League is a disaster for national leagues, as a KPMG report shows, and it will sink small and medium-sized clubs across Europe, killing European football as we know it.

Specifically, a recent KMPG expert report estimates a loss of global income in LaLiga of up to -55% and, for non-Super League clubs, -64%.

The Super League will mean an economic vacuum for the domestic leagues, but it will also lead to a reduction in income for the Super League clubs in the medium and long term, thus destroying the entire industry: GDP, jobs and taxes.

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