Dani Alves’ ex-wife comes to Brazilian’s defence over sexual assault accusations – ‘He’s incapable of it’

Dani Alves ex-wife Dana Dinorah has once again leapt to the defence of the Brazilian footballer, who stands accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a Barcelona nightclub last December.

Dana Dinorah spoke to Spanish television shortly after he was arrested to defend his character, and has once again given her thoughts to the Spanish media on the matter.

“Dani is incapable of doing something like that,” Dinorah told Sport.

“Dani is incapable of dishonoring a woman. They are condemning Dani ahead of time, without having been tried. Dani would be incapable of dishonoring a woman. I was married to him for 10 years and I have known him for 22. Everyone who is in Dani’s environment, from those who clean his house in Brazil, Barcelona… Everyone knows who he is and that he wouldn’t be capable of things like this. The situation hurts a lot.”

While Alves was a much-beloved character of Spanish football previous to this incident, the facts that have been leaked to the media do not work in his favour. As Dinorah comments, Alves is yet to actually face trial.

Regardless of his innocence or not, Alves looks like he will face a lengthy spell in prison anyway. He has so far been denied bail based on the evidence and his potential as a flight risk. It can generally take one to two years for these cases to make it all the way through the legal system.

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