“He must defend himself with his own weapons” – Real Madrid legend offers support to Vinicius Jr

Vinicius Jr continues to be the subject of much discussion in Spanish football. The Brazilian was targeted by opposition players and fans alike during Sunday’s defeat to Mallorca, and one again was subjected to racial abuse.

Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti was strong in his defence of his player on Tuesday, and he called on the relevant authorities to do more to prevent the abuse that the Brazilian receives. Athletic Club veteran Raul Garcia also wants more to be done when it comes to racism in Spanish football.

Vinicius’ latest defender is a former Real Madrid legend, in the shape of Hugo Sanchez. Speaking to El Partidazo de COPE, as per Sport, the Mexican explained that he was in a similar position during his playing days, and he offered his advice to the 22-year-old.

“Both Vinicius and I hurt (opposition players) and that’s why there is that feeling of fear every time he catches the ball and that makes the defenders desperate.

“The more they insulted me, the more important I felt, because they were noticing me. Instead of annoying me or making me nervous, they inspired me. What he has to do is feel important because they are looking at him.

“What he has to do is to defend himself with his own weapons, but in a way that does not affect him in terms of yellows, and when he complains to the referee, it has to be to ask for protection.”

Vinicius will hope to have a similar career to Sanchez in the famous white jersey, as the famous striker scored 208 goals in 282 appearances for Real Madrid. He overcame troubles during his time at the club, and Vinicius will hope to do the same.

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  1. Good day Guys.
    Please Mr F. Perez,
    Tonight RM’s game should be the last game for Ancelloti. The more he stays the more damages for our Noble RM.
    Please sack him right away after this match.

  2. Ancelloti nasty decision not to signed new prayers to replace the Benzema and co and also refusing to make use of the talented youngsters from Real Madrid group B team, brought the woes to the team. Ancelloti is full of egos. So he should leave the team without delay.

  3. Ancelotti doesnt make the transfer calls.
    After Zidane abused that privilege with brainless signings, coaches arent being put into that position anymore.

  4. The best president across the entire world football. Mr. F. Perez pls let’s give the don a time. He knows much, he’s the only one who can change things for Madrid from glory to glory. Hala Madrid 🔥🔥🔥

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