Dani Alves receiving preferential treatment in prison as sexual assault investigation continues

Former Barcelona and Sevilla footballer Dani Alves is giving credence to the idea that it is one rule for the rich and famous, and another for the rest, as per MD.

Accused of sexual assault, Alves has been taken into custody as a flight risk and so far denied bail. He will have to remain in prison until his trial is resolved, unless something changes.

Seemingly the 39-year-old does not live in the same conditions as his fellow prisoners. Alves lives a separate life to the rest of the prisoners, and when he joins shared areas, such as when allowed outside or during meals, he is accompanied by four officers.

Alves is also given €100 per day to spend at the prison store, not that he has used it other than to pay for energy drinks, yoghurts, shampoo, deoderant and tuna. The source did comment that on one level it was understandable. Due to his profile, the prison wants to avoid problems between him and the other inmates – nevertheless, it does seem unjust that he should have different treatment because of his name.

Yesterday Alves received a first visit from his wife Joana Sanz, who said she would be standing by Alves in his hour of need. Alves’ lawyer claims that while there was a sexual incident, that it was consensual.

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