WATCH: The incredible Santiago Bernabeu reception for Dani Ceballos

Few players have done as much for their reputation in Spain over the course of January as Dani Ceballos. The 26-year-old was seen as a useful bit-part player, contributing where necessary, but now has some fans even putting amongst the best in the world on current form.

Against Valencia on Thursday night, he was responsible for another exceptional display, linking up well with both Toni Kroos and Luka Modric in order to give Los Blancos control of the midfield.

With Real Madrid taking a 2-0 lead and starting to put together some delectable passages of play, Ceballos was at the heart of it.

The Santiago Bernabeu showed it’s appreciation, with perhaps the loudest chant of the night being his name.

There were also loud chants of ‘Ceballos quedate’ – Ceballos stay. His contract is up at the end of the season and there have been doubts about whether he would be offered a renewal, but he now has the unanimous backing of the Bernabeu in his corner.

If Ceballos does not renew his deal, he will have plenty of new suitors, based on current form. Carlo Ancelotti has heavily hinted that he wants Ceballos sticking around. Provided Real Madrid make him an acceptable offer, Ceballos appears keen to remain at the club.

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  1. Media doenst have to show him the respect and affection he deserves as anyone even gives a damn about what they think.

    As long as the right people are doing it, all is good. He continues to work hard in silence and people who watch the games and know football know it.

  2. How often has Bernabeu chanted names of players? Who received worst player of match ratings from american football illiterates?

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