Former club will claim €4.5m from Dani Alves for alleged sexual assault case

Former Sevilla and Barcelona defender Dani Alves is looking at a long stint in prison should he be found guilty of sexual assault, but he is facing a number problems alongside that case too.

The 39-year-old seems likely to see his marriage to Joana Sanz end, with rumours about the Spanish model requesting a divorce from the Brazilian.

Having already been dismissed by club at the time Pumas, the Mexican side are set to come back for more. According to UOL Esporte (via Marca), Pumas will claim damages for breach of contract.

Written into his deal were three clauses that brought with it a €4.5 ($5m) penalty, if Alves were to be involved in cases of doping, public scandal or if he commits a criminal offence.

Pumas believe they have a case on the final count, and have written a letter to Alves detailing these clauses and threatening to take the issue up with FIFA should he not comply.

Presumably Alves would have to be found guilty for this clause to hold. Any trial could be some way down the line though, as the Spanish legal system grinds slowly on. Currently his lawyer is attempting to argue that Alves is not a flight risk, allowing him out on bail until the trial.

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