Dani Alves refusing to see wife in prison as divorce rumours swirl

Brazilian footballer Dani Alves continues to be the centre of the news cycle in Spain, as rumours about his divorce have been denied.

The 39-year-old is in prison in Barcelona awaiting trial, under suspicion of sexual assault. The incident took place in a nightclub in Barcelona on the 30th of December, with Alves handing himself into the police several weeks later.

Alves has changed his testimony several times on the incident, something his lawyer Cristobal Martorell has put down to his attempts to hide his infidelity to wife Joana Sanz.

The Spanish model has since taken Alves off her Instagram account and apparently the Brazilian is refusing to see his wife in prison. Sanz wanted to see him in order to request a divorce, but due to his refusal, it was reported that she used her lawyers to communicate it.

As per Sport, Martorell has denied any awareness of such a request. Either way, it appears Alves’ relationship with Sanz is likely at an end. The reality is that is the least of his worries, as Martorell battles to get him out of jail on bail ahead of a lengthy trial process.

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