La Liga “manipulate their laws” in order to stop Barcelona registering Gavi

After months of trying, Barcelona finally registered Gavi as a first team player on Tuesday, after winning a court ruling earlier in the day.

The move allowed Gavi to take the number six jersey at Barca, previously worn by his manager Xavi Hernandez. He is set to adorn the number for the first time in Wednesday’s fixture against Real Betis.

Despite the ruling, La Liga are determined to fight Barcelona on the matter, and president Javier Tebas has announced that they will appeal the court’s decision. The league are likely to use their laws to argue that Gavi cannot be registered, but they have been accused of altering their rules.

Twitter user “CuleDeChamberi” has posted two versions of La Liga’s rules, which apparently shows them before and after Gavi signed his new deal with Barcelona in September.

The arguments being presented is that the rule previously allowed a renewal to be registered in the salary cap if the player signed the deal before the winter transfer window, but this was apparently changed by La Liga to the whole season in November, after Gavi signed his new contract until 2026.

It remains to be seen what happens between Barcelona and La Liga in the coming weeks on this issue, but it’s unlikely that either will back down.

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