Carlo Ancelotti gives view on remarkable Premier League transfer rampage

The big topic of discussion in Spain this January has been the remarkable spending undertaken by the Premier League in the winter window. While most of Spain’s clubs undertook minor adjustments, bringing in loans or cheap deals, Chelsea broke the €100m-mark twice.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti showed little concern for it though. Speaking ahead of their tie against Real Sociedad, Ancelotti first explained why they had not been active in January.

“We have not gone to the market because we did not need to. If you plan well and carry out your plan, it is not necessary to go into the winter market. If you have to, then it is because something has happened. We have thought that it was not necessary to intervene in the winter market because the squad is fine.”

Several questions later, Ancelotti explained that even if the Premier League continued to spend heavily, he believes it will not unbalance European football as a whole.

“We all know what happens in the Premier League, their television rights are much higher than in other leagues. I think this will continue as such. They have the advantage of being in the Commonwealth league.”

“But I don’t think this is going to end the competitiveness that exists in Europe. Last year, neither the Champions League nor the Europa League was won by English teams. It is clear that the internal competition is going to be more competitive and fun.”

Chelsea spent more than the Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and La Liga put together this winter, while Aston Villa outstripped the entirety of the Spanish Primera.

It is a topic of growing concern in Spain that while they may have avoided the Superleague of Real Madrid and Barcelona, they may have avoided the concept in name only.

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