Dani Alves’ covered by ‘cloth’ to reduce spectacle in prison

Former Sevilla and Barcelona defender Dani Alves continues to make national news in Spain as he resides in prison under suspicion of sexual assault.

The latest from MD is that new lawyer Cristobal Martorell is confident that he can get Alves out on bail with ankle tag, based on the evidence already presented. Alves would then have to remain in Spain, as he was taken into custody as a flight risk.

Alves was initially moved prison after concerns about his mental health, but is reportedly calm about his situation now. He is also sharing a cell with Ronaldinho’s former bodyguard.

However the prison around him is not calm. Alves supposedly took part in a football match the other day, which attracted the attention of the rest of inmates. Other blocks were straining to catch sight of him with the ball, leading the prison to cover his section with a ‘cloth’ in order to return the prison to ‘normality’.

Updates on the matter tend to be national and almost daily, when it comes to Alves’ future.

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