Javier Tebas undertaking ‘smear campaign’ against Barcelona President Joan Laporta

Barcelona and La Liga have been at war for some time over various issues, but it appears that battle is step up a notch. According to a well-informed source, La Liga President Javier Tebas is set to leak out information on Barcelona President Joan Laporta as part of a smear campaign against him.

The two have been at loggerheads over the Superleague, the CVC deal and salary limits imposed by La Liga, with Barcelona feeling they have been harshly treated by the league in comparison to others. Tebas and Laporta have a tricky relationship, while on the whole his predecessor Josep Maria Bartomeu used to enjoy a good relationship with the President of La Liga.

La Portera de Nunez, who revealed that Kylian Mbappe would stay at Paris Saint-Germain last summer long before anyone else in Spain, commented the following on their Twitter account.

“It is said, it is commented, it is rumoured that La Liga (well, what the hell, Tebas) is looking for half a “friend” to give the scoop on a supposed scandal involving Mr. Laporta. A smear campaign is what you get when you don’t agree to sign Very Clear Blackmail.”

“In the same way, today Tebas has been seen praising articles against the current management of the club, tiptoeing over the fact that the collapse and economic drift of this club for a decade had been approved. And now, suddenly, the vigilance is redoubled?”

The articles being referred to are the trumpeting of Marcal Llorente’s article in Mundo Deportivo, which defends La Liga against accusations of harsh treatment of Barcelona.

Llorente is a controversial character within the Barcelona media-scape, as it has previously been shown that he received hundreds of thousands of euros in payments from Barcelona itself, under Bartomeu. Those payments were to ensure that various characters were represented in a positive or a negative light according to Bartomeu’s wishes. Llorente is also responsible for filtering contracts of players and has attacked Laporta regularly in the past.

That Tebas is promoting an article of his about the league, is strong show of where he stands on Laporta. If there is to be filtered information on Laporta in the near future, it would seem conclusive that Tebas is indeed determined to bring the Barcelona President down. It shows the depth and prevalence of the political side of the game in Spain that two of its largest entities are willing to engage in such tactics.

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