Real Madrid suffer La Liga title blow with 0-0 Real Sociedad draw

Real Madrid’s push to haul back La Liga leaders Barcelona has been hit by a dismal 0-0 draw at home to in form Real Sociedad.

Los Blancos now end the weekend five points behind their Catalan rivals, after 18 games played, as the defending champions dropped yet more league points at the start of 2023.

Neither side were able to create much on a bitterly cold night in the Spanish capital with Brazilian pair Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo Goes coming close to a breakthrough before the interval.

The second period saw even less chances as La Real produced a gritty performance to keep themselves just behind Real Madrid in the table.

Up next for Carlo Ancelotti’s side is a midweek home tie against Valencia with La Real playing host to Real Valladolid.

Barcelona will be looking to put even more daylight between themselves and their title chasers as they head to Real Betis.

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  1. Benzema, Modric shouldnt been given a renew.
    Vinicius either shape it up or trade him for Mbappe. He is missing WAY too many open goal opportunities and may well have costed us the league this year.
    With this team there is no fkn excuse to drop points like this.

    WE NEED SOMEONE TO PUT THE BALL IN THE NET. With this first class service and passes and this clubs history of always having top scorers this shouldnt even be a debate.

  2. Pls bro you need to shut up Real madrid played a very good game today they had 7 shot on target and 6 shot of target they really played well they would had won this match if not for real sociedad keeper vini junior played excellently in today’s match

  3. Are you going to make me shut up?

    Dont like the comment, dont read it you absolute clown, nobody asked for your opinion on my opinion.

    “7 shot on target and 6 shot”

    Who the fk cares? Are you deluded that football gives points for shots on target or just slow?
    Jesus, just dont adress me if youre too clueless to understand that we have had scoring issues for whole season now.

    We need someone who can put the ball in the net and thats pretty much general consensus in papers around the world.

  4. You’r sick in the head. Let me get understands this, you need someone to put ball at the back of the net why don’t you go to Madrid stadium and replace benzema and let me see how you will get the ball at the back of the net you will not even smell ball not even thinking of putting your foot on the ball. Are you even a Madrid fan or one stupid dude trying to mess things up

    1. No, youre actually mentally disturbed or have a problem with english language. My guess is both.
      Your suggesting that I should play instead of Benzema when his cycle is clearly over as every football player is due to age. Pointing the fact that Vinicius is in trend of being one on one and shooting straight at keeper and he needs to sort it out seems to be overloading your mind to the point of ranting nonsense – its as if you have two brain ceIIs and both are fighting for third place.
      I dont believe I have to actually type this but when a striker is 35 and no longer scores goals on a regular basis in top club you find a replacement.
      I smell a catalanimal troII, you couldnt possibly be this dense.

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