Dani Alves’ “Coutinho” cellmate has ties to former Barcelona legend Ronaldinho

Dani Alves continue to remain in prison awaiting updates on his case. The former Barcelona defender was denied bail by the presiding judge last Friday, meaning that he will be imprisoned for the foreseeable future.

Alves had been moved from the Brians 1 prison in Barcelona to neighbouring Brians 2, amid fears for his safety. In recent days, it has been revealed that his new cellmate at the penitentiary is named “Coutinho”, eponymous with his former Barca teammate from his second spell at the club.

Further details have been uncovered about Alves’ cellmate, and it has been revealed that he has links to another former Barca star in Ronaldinho. Sport say that “Coutinho” was the former bodyguard of the Blaugrana icon, which could help Alves feel more comfortable in his new home, if his cellmate operates in a similar role unofficially for him.

Unfortunately for Alves, there appears to be no trial date in site for his case, meaning that “Coutinho” could be his cellmate for a while yet.

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