WATCH: Xavi Hernandez reacts to being called the best manager in the world

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has no doubt improved them since he arrived at a side sitting in ninth, but even he was caught off guard by the hyperbolic nature of the Barcelona media storm.

In the lead up to their match against Girona, Xavi Hernandez spoke to the media, which much of the focus being on the good atmosphere around Camp Nou.

One journalist even asked for his thoughts on the fact that previously there was talk of him being replaced, while now some people were calling him the best in the world. The last part made Xavi’s ears prick up.

“Really, do they really say that?”

“I’ve heard it being said, yes.”

“Well, that’s f****** great that. (laughs)”

“Well, Barca has that. There is no middle ground. You either see euphoria or maximum defeat.”

“It already happened to me as a player. Now as a manager, maybe now I need to show more emotional balance, balance out the footballers on a psychological level. I talk about it with the players so that they they don’t get too high or they don’t fall apart when things are going badly.”

Barcelona’s emotional stability has been one of their great weaknesses in recent years and is perhaps the area Xavi must work on most. It was seen during their chaotic Champions League group games against Inter and Bayern Munich, where Barcelona struggled to maintain control of matches in the face of adversity.

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