Dani Alves’ new lawyer gives reason for Brazilian’s numerous versions of events

Unsurprisingly, Dani Alves has been met with scepticism while defending his innocence against accusations of sexual assault, given he continually kept changing his story.

Alves was voluntarily arrested a week ago in Barcelona, after he was accused in a nightclub on the 30th of December. Since he has moved between prisons, with concerns growing over his mental health.

As details of the case leak out regularly, it came to light that Alves had changed his testimony of the events of that night on several occasions. At first he claimed he did not know the woman in question, but changed his story when evidence was found of him with her on camera.

According to MD, his partner of five years, Joana Sanz, has now removed all evidence of Alves from her Instagram account. Initially Sanz had supported Alves on social media, while his ex-wife said Alves would ‘never ever ever do this’.

In the past week, Alves has changed his representation. His new representation, Cristobal Martell, visited him in prison today and on his way out spoke to the press.

Martell alleges that Alves’ inconsistent story was due to the fact he was trying to hide his infidelity to Sanz, but that the sexual act was consensual.

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