Juventus facing €50m fine, players may be banned for salary scandal

Former Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo is concerned about the whereabouts of his money. The Portuguese is still owed €20m by Juventus and his lawyers will shortly head to Italy in order to ensure it is safe, as per Diario AS.

This comes off the back of a scandal involving Juventus, which has already seen them docked 15 points for their false accounting. Juventus agreed to delay the payments of some of their players before and after the pandemic, as well as falsely inflating the fees of some of their players in order to improve their financial health.

However the Old Lady did not declare this and thus have run into legal trouble. In addition to their points deduction, Juve could be looking at a fine which triples the amount in delayed salaries, coming in at around €50m.

The players may also be on the receiving end of punishment. By signing those illegal contracts, they have reportedly opened themselves up to around a month-long ban.

Fortunately Ronaldo does not find himself in this position having not signed that document, yet high-profile names like Adrien Rabiot, Wojciech zczesny, Leonardo Bonucci, Juan Cuadrado, Arthur Melo, Weston McKennie, Federico Bernardeschi and Paulo Dybala are all at risk of retribution.

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  1. The UEFA cartel, ran by a clown, will not allow cuts on profit.
    If you dont join under their racket and obey their laws, they will find ways to cripple your economy.
    If you agree to let them sit on your throat, they will allow fair play infractions and look the other way when you clearly break the rules as seen in PSG case. Until you oppose them, THEN cases will be opened (such as this one) retroactively.

    Imagine paying money to these people.

    1. This investigation is trash. Many clubs did this, yet only Juve is being punished. Clubs have to do something or EPL will be the only league fan are watching in the future.

      1. Indeed, fully agree.
        Unlike anything associated with UEFA, I can imagine myself paying for EPL and supporting them.

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